The Holy Spirit

The Spirit. The forgotten third wheel of the trinity. The sometimes mysterious person of God that is suppose to indwell the followers of Jesus. The Spirit of God is the THE defining trademark of the New Testament experience—my favorite topic!!

Here are some blog posts about the distinguished gentleman known as the Holy Spirit:

Holy Spirit? Never heard of the guy! (this is a easy-to-read series including an auto-biographical look at my experience and introduction to the Holy Spirit, as well as a short walk-through of the Old and New Testament scriptures the speak on the Holy Spirit and its baptism.

Doesn’t scripture teach that I already have the Holy Spirit?  

What is the evidence for receiving the Holy Spirit? Is it a Changed Life?

Do All Speak in Tongues?

Why Emphasize the Gift of Tongues?

Tongues – The Gift of Intimacy with God

Praying in Tongues Together: Allowed or Disallowed?

Did the Gifts of the Spirit die away? A brief response to Cessationism

The Gift of Tongues: Foreign Languages or something Unearthly

Speaking and Praying in Tongues: What to do with this gift and how to use it

Do you recognize the significance of the Holy Spirit living in you?

How to Receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

I asked God for the gift of tongues and did not get it-what up with that?

The Spirit Does the Work!

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